Enchanting Stories: a day with Kings and Princes

The Tour

Discover and be amazed by the most beautiful royal Palaces of Portugal, built in time of wealth and glory for the Portuguese Empire!

Share in the small regal pleasures of kings and queens, exploring the private rooms of the Ajuda Palace or walking up the stairs to the great ballrooms where the guests danced until sunrise. Originally designed to be the Portuguese Versailles, the Ajuda Palace was left unoccupied for decades while the royal family lived in Brazil.

Home to some of the last members of the Portuguese monarchy, it is forever tied to Queen Maria Pia, whose modern ideas and taste for decoration turned the palace into the perfect combination of 19th century splendor and comfort.

In the National Coach Museum our transport will be golden and pulled by horses, and will take us to distant stops in the past. The most visited museum of Portugal includes the oldest coach known in the country and other beautiful carriages used by the kings and queens of before.

Our day ends in the magnificent Queluz Palace, an old summer palace that became the royal family’s favorite home, where the class and beauty of the private and public rooms competes with the large, tailored gardens around the palace, and the stories of all the great parties that took place in them!

A day filled with wonders that used to be for royal eyes only.


  • One day tour accompanied by an archaeologist.
  • Duration: 1 day.
  • Departure at 9:30am. Return at 6pm.
  • Hotel pick-up when inside Lisbon
  • This program includes transportation, lunch, insurance and entrance in the Ajuda Palace, National Coach Museum ad Queluz Palace.


We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothing and an elaborate wig. For the gentlemen, high heel shoes and deep bowing to the sound of feminine voices.


2-3pax 140€
Children up to 10 years old 20€
4-8pax 120€
Children up to 10 years old 20€

* price per person

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