How to live like a Roman… by the sea!

The Tour

Awake the archaeologist in you and come with us on a great time travel!

Did you know that Portugal has been producing preserves (yes, “canned food”!) for over 2000 years?! Or that the largest roman baths in our country are located by the sea?

Our trip begins in the roman city of Mirobriga, in Santiago do Cacém, where our feet still walk over the ancient streets, surrounded by houses and stores, and where the old forum columns keep watch from the top of the hill.

Lunchtime is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the typical cuisine from Alentejo, that includes dishes like pork meat with clams and the traditional “migas”, fish rice or cuttlefish stew. Great food in the perfect setting of a small town surrounded by beaches and rice fields!

The afternoon takes us back north and to the Tróia Peninsula, an old Island dedicated to the dedicated to the garum industry, the fish preserves that the romans loved so much. The biggest factories known in the Roman Empire are there, waiting for our visit while they enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Sado estuary.

Don’t miss this opportunity and come with us on a trip that is the perfect combination of great archaeological sites and natural beauty!


  • One day tour accompanied by an archaeologist.
  • Duration: 1 day.
  • Departure at 9:30am. Return at 6pm.
  • Hotel pick-up when inside Lisbon
  • This program includes insurance and entrance in the Roman City of Mirobriga and the Roman Ruins of Tróia.


We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothing, and a taste for the ocean breeze.


2-3pax 165€
Children up to 10 years old 20€
4-8pax 130€
Children up to 10 years old 20€

* price per person

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