Learning Travellers walks and activities combine fun and learning, adventure and knowledge. For young or older students, learning History where it took place will be a rich and unforgettable experience!

Discovering the Palace of Ajuda, walking around Lisbon during the Big Earthquake of 1755 or do a scavenger hunt in the roman ruins of Conimbriga are some of the programs we have to offer to schools, summer camps, universities and senior colleges.

All of our visits are prepared according to the teachers’ guidelines and goals regarding each activity’s academic purpose.
If you are a parent, a teacher or a student and would like to know more about our Learning Travellers programs, get in touch with us and we will organize a Time Travel just for you!

Discovering the Maritime Discoveries in Belém

Scavenger hunt in Belém in which the students follow instructions from a team book, learn about the 16th century and the Maritime Discoveries, and put their organization skills to the test. (8 to 15 years old)

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The Days of the Earthquake

A route through the 18th century Lisbon built after the Earthquake, filled with challenges and information about those terrible days! (8 to 15 years old)

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Little Lisbon Scavenger Hunt

Following the guides and the clues given by the city itself, the teams explore the Downtown area and the Old town without effort and with lots of fun! (8 to 15 years old)

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I built my own Aqueduct!

Visit to Águas Livres Aqueduct followed by a game in which each team builds their own aqueduct with the available materials (2nd, 3rd and 4th grades)

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Roman Conimbriga!

A game that allows for some independence, since each team visits and learns about the city through a game and instructions in a game book (6th grade)

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Exploring the Castle!

Exploration game with the help of a map and a series of questions and tests. This game allows for some independence, since older children or mixed groups can do it by themselves. (8 to 12 years old)

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The Great Convent of King John 5th

Visit to the Mafra Convent and Palace.

Discovering the Palace of Ajuda

Visit to the Palace of Ajuda. Allows for different themes tailored to different ages and purposes. (6 to 18 years old)

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