The Moorish South: the enchanted lands (2 day tour)

The Tour

Once upon a time there was an enchanted Moorish princess that lived in the castle of a beautiful city. From there she could see the medina spreading down the hill, hear the noise that echoed from the market and the mosque’s call to prayer.

Immerse yourself in the mysteries of the Islamic world that flourished in the Gharb Al-Andalus for over four centuries. In this two day getaway we will visit the beautiful city of Mértola, which has long been keeping guard to the river from the top of its castle, welcoming Romans, Muslims and Christians.
The night is spent in an original museum-hotel, where the past and the present cross paths inside the same building.

Travelling the small roads of the South we will go in search of Moorish castles and old fortresses that are still filled with stories of battles and conquests. Who knows, maybe we will even have time to visit and abandoned Moorish castle forgotten on the top of a hill…

Our second day takes us to Silves, where the sun rises over old alleys and palaces that are worth exploring with time, in the quiet warmth of this lovely city. Fund out why the Moorish poets sang about beautiful Xelb and the legacy left by the Islamic civilization to the Portuguese kingdom.

Fall in love with legends and castles, experience unforgettable flavors and sights. All this in our trip to the Moorish south!


  • Two day tour accompanied by an archaeologist.
  • Duration: 2 days.
  • Departure at 9:30am. Return at 6pm, day two.
  • Hotel pick-up when inside Lisbon
  • This program includes accommodation, transportation, lunches, insurance and entrance in Mértola Castle, Silves Castle and Museum and Loulé Castle.


We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothing, a good camera and a will to climb forgotten trails…


2-3pax 365€
Children up to 10 years old 30€
4-8pax 280€
More Than 4 Children up to 10 years old 20€

* price per person

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